On May 17, the International Recycling Day is celebrated, proclaimed by UNESCO in 2005, with the aim of remembering the importance of recycling our waste, reducing the volumes of waste generated and reusing materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve our natural resources and protect the environment.

To honor this special day, on May 17th we, GoVacation Dominican Republic, offered a small refreshment service for our employees to express our appreciation in regards to everyone’s sustainable efforts in the office. The refreshments were purchased from local suppliers and paper cups were used for the occasion, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability.

We took the opportunity to introduce another project that we recently joint. Its called “ CAPS FOR CHEMOTHERAPY”, a wonderful initiative that allows us to come together and support poor children fighting cancer.

The concept is simple but powerful: collect plastic caps to help finance the comprehensive treatment of underprivileged children undergoing cancer treatment. Each plastic cap we collect translates into a small contribution that can make a big difference in the lives of these little fighters.

The deadline to drop off the caps is November 1, 2024 at a collection center of the organization, so we have plenty of time to join forces and make a meaningful contributions. In addition to collecting here at the office, employees can bring caps from home. Every small gesture adds up and together we can achieve much more.

The money obtained from the sale of these caps goes directly to help cover the cost of cancer treatments. It is a practical and tangible way to improve the environment, at the same time that we extend a helping hand to those who need it most.