The Cyclades’s Hotels ,  which were favorited by customers in 2023 for their outstanding service ,  were honored by the travel agency DERTOUR Nordic / Apollo in Santorini .

The Cyclades’s Hotels received their awards on Thursday , May 16th, at El Greco Hotel & Spa KDimitrokalis Hotels .

During the event, which have been organized by DTS INCOMING HELLAS,  a member of the DERTOUR Group, positive messages emerged regarding Cyclades as a unique travel destination popular among Scandinavian Holiday makers who favor the Caldera Volcano View in Santorini , the golden beaches of Naxos , the unique Chora in Ios , the adorable beauties of Paros and the cosmopolitics life in Mykonos .

This sentiment was echoed by Mr. Jannis Papadakis , the president ,  and CEO of DTS HELLAS, who emphasized that “ the Cycladic aura with the amazing beauty of each Island create more and more fans among the Scandinavian people  “

Mrs. Nina Hornewall, the commercial director of Apollo DERTOUR Nordic, also delivered an exceptional presentation, highlighting that in 2023, 74% of Scandinavians took at least one trip, indicating a continuing trend this year with signs of further strengthening. With her trademark eloquence and expertise, Mrs. Hornewall outlined the details of the plans for S24 and S25, setting ambitious yet achievable goals for our operation in the region of Cyclades .

Among the attendees from DERTOUR Nordic Apollo were the commercial director, Nina Hornewall, the Concepts Director, Jamila Assel and the Contracting Manager Johanna Thors .

From DTS HELLAS, in addition to Mr. Papadakis , Fotis Tzimogiannis Destination Manager of Cyclades, attended.

Also present were Mrs. Georgia Nomikou City Council president, the president of Hotel Association of Hoteliers in Santorini Mr. Antonis Pagonis , the member of the Hoteliers Association in Santorini Mr. Antonis Eliopoulos along with various representatives of organizations .

Find out in detail which hotels have been awarded !

Iris                                                                     Silver

Villa Eleftheria                                                 Gold

Alesahne Beach                                              Bronze

Polydefkis                                                         Silver

Andreas Hotel                                                 Gold

Kamari Beach                                                  Silver

Sigalas                                                               Gold

Rose Bay                                                           Bronze

Santo Miramare                                             Bronze

Mar & Mar Crown Suites                              Silver

Strogilli                                                              Silver

Caldera’s Lillium                                              Gold

Aqua Blue                                                        Silver

Costa Grand Resort                                        Gold

Asteria                                                              Gold

Katerina                                                            Gold

Harmony                                                           Silver

Captain Nikolas                                               Bronze

Spiros                                                                Gold

Contaratos beach                                           Silver

Aeolis                                                                Bronze

Naxos Resort                                                   Gold