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Spend the night in a traditional Navajo Hogan by Monument Valley Simpson’s Trailhandler tours

This tour will let you experience the original Navajo culture, traditions, and their precious heritage. It comes complete with a delicious traditional Navajo Taco dinner. During the evening a campfire will be made as your Navajo hosts will share with you an experience of the Navajo way of Life with Navajo songs and stories. You’ll spend the night in a Hogan, an authentic, traditional Navajo home.


Broken Spur Inn and Steakhouse (Torrey, Utah) near Capitol reef NP

Embark on a nostalgic journey and transport yourself to the pioneering days of Conestoga Wagons—a refreshingly unique American Western experience.

These exact replicas, offer an unforgettable blend of comfort and nostalgia as you traverse the prairies and mountains of the historic American West.

Auto Camps Cape Cod (Falmouth, Massachusetts), Yosemite (Midpines, California) and Zion (Virgin, Utah)  – Luxury Air streams and Outdoor Glamping

Every detail of the AutoCamp experience combines the best of mid-century design with modern amenities: custom-designed Airstreams, Luxury tents, gourmet food, guided experiences, and four-star service, all curated for you to reconnect with your surroundings.


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