World Bee Day

Raising awareness about the critical role of bees

World Bee Day is a global celebration that raises awareness about the critical role of bees in sustaining ecosystems and supporting biodiversity. On this day, we honor the incredible contributions of bees to our planet, recognizing their vital role in pollination and food production. It’s an opportunity to highlight the importance of safeguarding bee populations and promoting sustainable practices to protect these essential pollinators. Let’s join together in preserving the well-being of bees and the environment for future generations.

19.05 Bee Festival, Ora Village, Cyprus

Annual Bee Festival in celebration of ‘World Bee Day’ with:

  • Interactive workshops on the creation of natural cosmetics with wax, jewelry with bees, bee hotels and bee oases, arts and crafts related to bees, and bee friendly plants
  • Presentations by experts
  • Traditional dishes with honey
  • Over 30 exhibitors with stalls of honey and beehive products
  • A rich entertainment programme with music and dance

Cooperation like Bees for the Bees, is this year’s motto of World Bee Day, raising awareness about the importance of bees for our survival.