“The Nawam Perahera is an annual cultural and religious procession that takes place in Sri Lanka, particularly in the capital city of Colombo. The event is closely associated with the Gangaramaya Temple, a prominent Buddhist temple located in the heart of Colombo. The Nawam Perahera typically takes place in the month of February, coinciding with the Nawam Poya day, which is a significant full moon day in the Buddhist calendar.

The Nawam Perahera is a magnificent display of Sri Lankan culture, featuring a procession of brilliantly adorned elephants, traditional dancers, drummers, acrobats, and various religious and cultural performances. The procession often includes representations of Buddhist stories, folklore, and historical events, making it a vibrant and captivating spectacle for both locals and tourists.

During the Nawam Perahera, the streets around the Gangaramaya Temple come alive with the sounds of traditional music and the sights of elaborately costumed performers. The procession typically follows a carefully planned route, allowing spectators to witness the colorful displays and performances as the procession makes its way through the streets.

The Nawam Perahera holds deep religious significance for Buddhists in Sri Lanka, and it is an opportunity for people to express their devotion and celebrate their cultural heritage. The event also serves as a means of promoting unity and understanding among people of different backgrounds and beliefs.“

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