The Mediterranean Film Festival in Split

has firmly established itself as a premier cultural event along the Adriatic coast, drawing in over 15,000 visitors annually over its past 16 editions. Its allure isn’t just about the exclusive screenings of Mediterranean films, many of which debut regionally or in Croatia, but also the enchanting ambiance of the seaside—where the scent of ancient pines mingles with the whispers of the sea, and where sandy beaches and joyous faces illuminate the festivities over its 10-day span.

With sold-out screenings being a common sight at the Bacvice Open Air Cinema and Gripe Fortress, attendees happily perch on stairs or sprawl out on beach towels, soaking in the cinematic experience. This laid-back vibe lends the festival its unmistakably Mediterranean flavor. By day, movie buffs gather in the historic Zlatna vrata theater within the 1,700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace walls for screenings. Alongside feature films, the festival showcases a rich selection of short films, hosts renowned Croatian and international filmmakers, and provides a platform for emerging talent who increasingly choose the FMFS for their debuts.

For younger audiences, the „mali meDITEran“ (Child’s Mediterranean) program introduces children to the art of cinema, while the „FMFS Industry“ offers workshops and lectures tailored to aspiring filmmakers, students, and industry professionals.

But it’s not just about the screenings and educational initiatives—FMFS is renowned for its lively parties at Bacvice Open Air Cinema, setting the stage for the summer season ahead. What sets FMFS apart is its commitment to spreading its positive energy beyond Split. Since 2012, the Kino Mediteran project has been revitalizing cinema culture in Dalmatia, bringing films to smaller towns where theaters have long been shuttered. With screenings held in over 20 towns throughout the year, the project has welcomed over 60,000 visitors to 800 screenings annually.

For those planning a trip to Split in June, mark your calendars for June 13-22, 2024. And if June doesn’t suit, you can still catch FMFS somewhere in Dalmatia throughout the year!