Lighthouse festival in Istria

The Lighthouse Festival, spanning from May 29th to June 2nd, 2024, illuminates the shores of Lanterna near Porec in Istria, Croatia, with an electrifying blend of music and coastal allure. Since its inception in 2013, the festival has blossomed into an internationally renowned gathering, drawing artists, returning patrons, and fresh faces alike. United by a shared appreciation for its intimate ambiance, seaside serenity, and boutique sensibility, attendees converge for an unparalleled experience coined „electronic music on vacation.“

Nestled against the backdrop of the azure coastline, the Lighthouse Festival Croatia boasts a perfect synthesis of music and natural beauty. Over five enchanting days, the festival transforms the hotel and apartment peninsula into dynamic stages, each pulsating with the beats of a carefully curated lineup. Amidst the salty breeze and sun-kissed vistas, attendees are invited to immerse themselves in the rhythmic tapestry of electronic soundscapes, creating lasting memories amidst the picturesque landscape of coastal Croatia.

Our local DMC collegaues from DTS Croatia are happy to assist in you travel arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact them!